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Imagine if you will, listening to the sounds of your favorite tunes that bring back memories that you shared with family, friends, and loved ones. You have shut out all others sounds around you, your eyes are closed, your body is swaying to melodic waves and the beats are out of this world! Suddenly you realize you are at a DJ Allgood event. His playing not only leaves you feeling energized, but it brings you back to happier times that you wish you can live in! Most people don’t want to leave!

Arrick Cox is not only 5′-12″, chocolate and handsome, but he also has a heart for what he does. He was born and raised in Clinton, N.C.; where everybody knows everybody and you may be related to them in some form or fashion. He currently resides in Greensboro. NC; where he graduated from N.C. A&T State University with a B.S. in Communications. His passion for music actually began at a campus party. The music was pumping, the crowd was live and his DJ friend asked him if he wanted to give it a spin. Let’s just say history was made that night and the next morning he went to Radio Shack to buy a mixer and dual CD deck so he could become a master of music. In a time when YouTube didn’t exist, you had to teach yourself, hone your own craft and learn from other more experienced DJ’s. Ever since then he’s been creating memorable moments in the hearts and minds of people for over twenty years.

Upon hearing the sound that infiltrate the airwaves, bridezillas have turned into merry brides because DJ Allgood knows just the right songs to penetrate the anxiousness of the brides to be. Senior citizens at nursing homes have periodically claimed to have the energy of toddlers when he comes to play. He has deejayed hundreds of birthday parties, school dances, and proms. Children are ecstatic when they see DJ Allgood come to their school because they know he will give them the opportunity to check the mic. He has also entertained our youth at the local boys and girls club in the triad area. He has been one of the premier DJ’s at the High Point Furniture Market for the past five years. He is the house DJ for Phillips Collection. A nostalgic moment in history was when he deejaying at Thomas Davis Jr., one of our very own Carolina Panthers wedding. DJ Allgood supplied the sound and the DJ gear for DJ Mannie Fresh and other events abroad. Everybody loves to sing to their favorite songs and some actually have talented vocals that soothe the airwaves, but most of us just want to have fun which can be done at karaoke events. DJ Allgood is your Karaoke DJ Come join the party at Applebee’s, Kickback Jack, and T.G.I. Friday’s. He is the owner of All One Enterprise, which is locally owned an operated.

So, the next time you want to host an extraordinary event that people will remember for years to come, remember DJ Allgood passion for music, his smooth swag, and his charismatic charm that elevates people spirit to create that unforgettable moment of a lifetime!

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